Clients are continuing to approach us with concerns about shortages of high-quality talent.  Candidates with certain skill sets still have the upper hand right now and employers must work hard if they want to attract and retain top talent.  This is where employer branding can help.


So, what exactly is employer branding? It’s your reputation and essence as an employer. It encompasses your values, vision, workplace culture, and the actual employee experience you provide. Candidates don’t just want to know what you do as a company; they want to know what it would be like to work there.


And here’s the thing: your employer brand isn’t dictated by fancy marketing campaigns or empty slogans.  It comes directly from your employees and what they have to say about working for you. Authenticity is key here. You need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.


So why should you care about employer branding? In a candidate short market, top candidates have options, and you need to stand out. A strong and positive employer brand helps you attract, recruit, and retain the cream of the crop. It also boosts employee engagement, loyalty, and maybe even your bottom line.


But where should you start? Here are my top tips:


Get to Know Your People

Conduct employee surveys and focus groups. Monitor turnover rates and satisfaction levels. Dig into what your people love and don’t love about working for you. Use this intel to make improvements and shape your culture and environment.


Lead from the Top

Company culture starts at the top. Senior leaders need to role model the values and behaviours they want to promote. Show your people that you genuinely care about their development and experience.


Walk the Talk

Don’t just stick your mission statement up on the wall. Make sure your actual employee experience reflects your values. Otherwise, it’s meaningless lip service.


Spread the Word

Leverage the power of social media. Highlight employee stories that bring your culture to life. Promote the things you are proud of, be that your flexible working policy, learning opportunities, career progression, csr… talk about the things you are proud of.  Have your employees post reviews on sites like Glassdoor.

The bottom line?  Glossy branding will only get you so far. To attract and retain top talent in this competitive market, you need an authentic employer brand that resonates both internally and externally. Focus on showing potential candidates what it’s really like on the inside. The potential payoffs for your organisation make it well worth the effort and investment.


Danielle Asano

Managing Director