Remember when one-size-fits-all ad campaigns actually worked? Me neither! Artificial intelligence (AI) now lets marketers get granular with tailored messages that resonate at scale. The tech promises efficiencies that make each person more productive while liberating teams to take their work in more meaningful, creative directions.

AI marketing can crunch behavioural data to reveal micro-trends that were invisible before. Previously generic customer segments can be fractured into multiple precise subgroups according to quirks like preferred checkout times. The levels of personalisation you can achieve are almost creepy. But don’t panic, no algorithms judging your sandwich order…yet!

Predictive analytics help you target higher likelihood buyers amid the bombardment of ads. But generative AI unlocks the truly sci-fi stuff – automated content creation aligning to each individual at volumes no human worker could match. We’re talking endless variations of emails, social posts, and web landing pages personalised down to the special offer percentage point.

However, this exponentially boosted relevance needs balancing with a human touch to avoid ending up in the Uncanny Valley. So transparency and empathy remain key as AI permeates marketing. Keep decisions human-centred and communicate use clearly.

While some AI tools practically eliminate drudge work, take care they don’t sabotage morale through over-automation. Provide ample upskilling opportunities for more junior employees, whilst redeploying savvier strategists to oversight roles to guard against inadvertent machine biases.

AI marketing offers previously unthinkable opportunities for tailoring interactions to accelerate relationships and loyalty. But if it’s not used thoughtfully, even the most advanced algorithms risk commodifying experiences through disconnects from real people’s needs.

Ultimately technology remains a tool, not a panacea. It still needs human wisdom behind it. Marketers who retain their core values while integrating new capabilities will stay ahead as AI rewrites the rules in unprecedented ways.


Dee Fletcher  Divisional Manager