Are you an excellent communicator with exceptional organisation skills who likes to work alone or in a small team and diary management is your thing? If you’re looking for a fast passed position with ever changing challenges, working as a Personal Assistant/PA is the perfect role for you.

What makes a good Personal Assistant?

A successful PA will be a rigorous planner and a natural problem solver, it is the role of a PA to put out fires often before their boss is even aware of the problem therefore forward thinking is essential. Excellent communication is key as you will be the first point of contact for your managers clients, building rapport with them will put you in good favour!

It is important to remain flexible in this line of work in order to resolve any issues that might come arise at times out of office hours and be a quick thinker staying one step ahead where possible.

A PA must be thorough with their workload ensuring tasks are completed and prioritising at all times. As travel arrangements and diary management are one of their main responsibilities it is essential that no details are missed.

Key responsibilities might also include:

  • First point of call for your managers clients
  • Diary management
  • Arrangement of travel
  • Filing and organisation of expenses
  • Typing formal documents
  • Responding and monitoring emails
  • Delegating tasks in managers absence

As a PA there will be no one more valued by your boss, you will be their right hand person and the solver to their problems. Your fast passed nature and acquired skills will make you an invaluable member of any organisation.

PA’s are required to be efficient in computer systems with the most commonly used Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word. We would highly recommend if not already you are up to scratch with this software package.

There are a number of online courses available, here’s our top three:

Working as a Personal Assistant is a great opportunity to learn about an organisation and how it is ran, it will give you chance to hone in on the part of a business you have keen interests in and may even lead to an internal promotion to a completely different role. Your manager knows more than anyone your strengths and how hardworking you are by this stage.

PA’s average salary banding in the East Midlands - £18-35k per annum but this does vary depending on the organisation you’re in.