Libby McCaughey
over 1 year ago by Libby McCaughey

Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for 2020

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​Whilst face to face Christmas parties aren’t possible this festive season, engaging and rewarding your staff should still remain a priority, We know that most companies want to celebrate and say thank you to all their staff, so here are 7 virtual Christmas party ideas to get you all into the spirit.

  1. Zoom Task Master

The event is hosted by a professional comedic online compare, who alone will bring the event to life. They also play the role of the ‘Master of the Tasks, so it’s you vs them! They will also judge each round and allocate those vital points.

The event starts by teams selecting their first challenge. The task can either be a live challenge or a practice challenge. Live challenges take place straight away meaning the team have to think quickly on their feet. Practice challenges give the group 10 minutes to plan their strategy. The games are so varied you will literally not know what’s coming next. Some  favourites include:

Spud Sticks – how many potatoes can you move using giant chop sticks

Easy Peezy – how much lemon juice can your team member squeeze whilst you’re standing in a bucket of iced water…

These are just 2 of over 25 amazing games to choose from.​

  1. Zoom Virtual Racing

The flagship game for large online groups. Compete in teams to train horses, sabotage rivals and place play-money on race outcomes to win fun prizes. Strategic, vicious and nail-biting fun. (Don't worry... no real horse racing experience is required!).

  1. Virtual Christmas Comedy Party

We can organise your whole Christmas party via Zoom. Comedy stars from shows such as Live at the ApolloMock the Week and Have I Got News for You could be live in your living room for your work party!  The 99 Club has been awarded Best London Comedy Club 9 years running and our comedy experts can make all the arrangements for your perfect virtual Christmas party.

  1. Private Comedy Gig

If you’re a smaller group, join a shared party and you can still put the boss or the office joker on a virtual front row to have the mickey taken out of them!

  1. Virtual Cocktail Master Class

Virtual cocktail masterclasses are led by some of the best bartenders in the industry. The classes have already been enjoyed by thousands including clients from Google, Tik Tok, Clifford Chance, Microsoft and Facebook.

  1. Christmas Virtual Murder Mystery

In this team building activity, participants work together to unlock and examine key evidence such as witness statements and suspect interviews, using augmented reality and image recognition technology.

As you explore the crime scene via an interactive map, you’ll complete tasks and challenges which will help you acquire evidence and assist with your investigation.

Throughout this immersive, tablet-based murder mystery, points will be awarded for successfully completing observational and trivia questions, as well as fun photo and video tasks… all whilst identifying the weapon, murderer, and motive.

GOOD LUCK INVESTIGATORS!  Who will be the first to solve the crime?

  1. I’m Working from Home Get me Out of Here

Virtual jungle hosts greet everyone live via a virtual platform.  Guests are encouraged to dress up to keep in the theme of the event.  The best outfit instantly wins bonus points!

You’ll be taken through a number of jungle trials, all inspired by the famous TV show but adapted for people and teams working from home.

Everyone receives a trial pack in the post prior to the event with all the goodies required for each challenge.  Teams go head to head on each trial.  Some tasks are team based; others have a nominated player to go against your peers.

Your challenges will include:

  • Dash n Grab

  • Mini Record Breakers

  • Jungle Trial Challenges

  • Outback Shack Challenges

  • Celebrity Quiz

  • Creative Challenges

On completion of each challenge, the winning team take the points, and get to nominate a player who has to take on a live critter crunch!

The event concludes with the crowning of the kings or queens of the jungle!

So, go virtual this Christmas and get your whole team involved, doing more than just having a catch up and a few awards!