Melissa  Kilday
about 4 years ago by Melissa Kilday

Working Mothers

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Official figures have shown a dramatic rise in the number of working Mothers over the past two decades with more than 1 million more in full or part time employment than there was 20 years ago.  The Office of National Statistics reported an estimated 4.9 million Mothers with dependent children are now working in the UK. Working Mum's out there, you certainly aren't alone!

These statistics highlight positive changes in the support the UK and society can now offer to working Mums. We are now living in an era where Mothers who choose to go back to work are not frowned upon for making this decision but alternatively supported in their quest to finding career success alongside the important job of motherhood – some say these women are modern day, how do they do it?

Remembering there is no such thing as the ideal Mother but is it possible to achieve the ideal situation as a Mother to suit your personal needs. Working full time, part time from home or in an office, flexibility is now offered by most employers with the understanding that becoming a parent isn't the end of the professional development for many women.  In fact studies have shown that working parents are often more reliable, organised and can achieve more than those without dependents due to their passion for not just personal success but financial security for their young and growing families.

We are lucky enough in the UK to be offered one of the best maternity packages, giving Mothers a significant break in order to spend time and bond with their newborn, with financial support for up to 39 weeks before making the decision to either return back to work or stay at home for longer/indefinitely. Taking this time or a portion of the time offered out can help Mothers with their readiness to return to the workplace without the maternal guilt that working Mothers are often fighting.

Long gone are the days that Mums are ‘expected’ to stay at home with their baby although the pressure and stigma is still very much present. Flexibility in the workplace can be a huge helping hand in avoidance of the fear of ‘missing out’ on your baby’s milestones that often stops Mum’s from returning to their career.

Meeting other Mum’s like you can give another platform to share any worries, successes and best practice. Sites like are the perfect place to meet mums like you!