Don’t underestimate the importance of retaining temporary or interim staff and providing a good recruitment process from beginning to end, regardless of the industry that you are in. This can be difficult, especially as several temporary and interim staff know that they will only be with you for a short amount of time. So, if they’re only going to be working with you briefly, why is it important to improve your recruitment process for temp workers?

The Importance of Providing a Good Recruitment Process for Temp and Interim Staff

Temporary recruitment can be complex, and finding the ideal candidate can be tough. You need someone who is engaged, reliable and passionate about what they do, but also someone who can quickly fit in with your existing team. Every time you hire a temporary or interim worker, you need to train them and get them caught up on what they are expected to do on a day-to-day basis. To do this successfully, you need to put time and energy into recruiting, introducing and onboarding temps. You need to show candidates that your company is one worth working for, even on a temp contract.

Good Temporary and Interim Recruitment Leads to Boosted Temp Staff Retention

To boost staff retention, you need to recruit the right people. This means choosing staff that have the right knowledge, skills and experience needed to fulfil the role. You need to make sure that new staff feel supported, from the moment they begin a temp role to the moment they move on to their next venture. It’s also a good idea to reduce the time from the initial interview to the start date as short as possible, as temp staff are usually keen to begin a new job quickly.

Tips for Recruiting Temps and Interims That Will Go the Distance

  • Streamline your recruitment processes as much as possible, and make use of pre-employment checks. It’s important to give temporary and interim staff as much information as possible about the role, including the length of the contract, to ensure it’s an opportunity that works for them.
  • Provide as much support as possible during the onboarding process, as this helps to form a strong employee and employer relationship. The more time you invest into staff development, the more likely it is that a temp worker will want to work with you again.
  • It looks good on you as an employer if temporary workers are able to start their role as soon as possible, which is why the recruiting and training process should be as efficient as possible.

Putting time and energy into improving your recruitment process for temporary and interim staff can boost staff retention, and reduce staff turnover. In turn, this can lead to improved employee satisfaction, happiness and productivity, which benefits the business as a whole.

As temporary and interim recruitment experts, we can streamline your recruitment process. We will ensure that temps and interims have a positive recruitment experience, and if it turns out you need them on a permanent basis, they are more likely to stay.

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