There is no denying that candidate engagement is a key part of the hiring process. It’s important to make candidates excited about your business, and to ensure that they are communicating with you throughout your recruitment efforts. There are a lot of job opportunities out there at the moment, and candidates have a lot of choices. If a candidate doesn’t hear back from you, or they get a bad first impression of a business, they are likely to go elsewhere. In fact, according to LinkedIn, around 65% of candidates say a bad interview experience alone can make them lose interest in a job. Below, we have shared some of our top tips for keeping candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process.

Top Tips for Boosting Candidate Engagement

  • Write a Strong Job Description – First impressions really do count, and candidates begin forming an opinion about a business from the initial job description. This is why it’s so important to write a job title and description that applicants are going to take notice of. Things such as describing the role accurately and being clear in what the day to day of the job entails is key. Clearly communicate the benefits and compensation that you are offering, as candidates don’t want to waste their time applying for a role that isn’t in the salary range that they are hoping for.

  • Simplify Your Application Process – A lot of job seekers will give up on an application if it’s too long or complex, which could result in you missing out on top talent before they have even applied. You need to make it as easy as possible to apply for your role. Avoid asking applicants to create an account or log in, and don’t make them type out information that is already on their CV.

  • Keep Candidates Informed Throughout the Hiring Process – Candidates want to hear about the next steps of the hiring process, and they want to know what each stage entails. The hiring process can be long and time consuming, but keeping candidates informed is a good way to keep them engaged from step to step. Let candidates know what to expect, and let them know where they are in the recruitment process. A candidate is much more likely to lose interest in a role if they are unsure of what’s coming next.
  • Make Your Interviews Great – Make it as easy as possible for candidates to schedule an interview, and then make the entire interview experience an enjoyable one. A negative interview experience can be all it takes for a candidate to ghost you or decline a job offer, even if they were previously impressed by what you have to offer. You don’t want a candidate to feel discouraged by the interview experience and focus their attention on a competitors’ job. Make sure that you are prepared, that you familiarise yourself with the candidate and you ask appropriate questions. A candidate should feel welcomed and respected throughout the interview.

Keeping candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process is a simpler task than many hiring managers realise, and a few small changes can make a big difference.

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