Marketing is a key part of a business’ success, regardless of what your business does and the industry that you work in. So, you are probably hoping to attract top marketing talent, individuals who have a lot of experience and knowledge to offer.

You will want candidates that are going to drive your business towards success using a variety of marketing techniques, tools and methods. In order to do this, you need to think about the four important things listed below.

Why It’s Important to Have Good Marketing Professionals

  • Good marketing professionals are able to create strategies that enhance brand visibility, recognition and reputation. They are able to create compelling messaging and visuals that resonate with your target audience, increasing the chances of someone remembering your business.
  • A good marketing strategy helps to attract new customers by showcasing your products or services in a way that appeals to potential buyers, something that marketing professionals are able to handle. They know the right channels and tactics to reach your target audience.
  • Marketing professionals regularly conduct market research to understand your target audience’s preferences, behaviours and needs. This information enables you to tailor your marketing approach to your customers.
  • Marketing professionals help you stand out from the crowd, which is hugely important if you are working in a saturated market. They highlight your competitive advantages, making it easier for customers to choose your products and services, over what everyone else has to offer.


5 Things to Think About When Hiring Marketing Professionals

  1. Think About What You’re Offering – There are a lot of businesses out there, many of which are hiring marketing professionals, and so you need to stand out as having a lot to offer. Though salary is important and should be in line with what other employers are paying marketers, overall employee value proposition should also be considered. This means offering things such as flexible working, hybrid working, additional annual leave and many benefits that benefit someone’s work life balance. A lot of marketing professionals are used to working from home – at least some of the time, anyway – and it’s an industry that is largely online. Because of this, a lot of marketers are looking for hybrid or remote working options. If you’re not offering that, you might find that top talent heads elsewhere.
  2. Consider Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) – DE&I is hugely important, and the marketing industry is ahead of many other industries, but work can still be done to move forward. When it comes to senior marketing roles, there is a lack of socioeconomic representation and fewer female executives. By prioritising DE&I, you increase your chances of attracting a diverse range of people. You will showcase that you aren’t biassed towards gender, background, race, location or physical ability.
  3. Think Outside the Box – A lot of businesses limit themselves with recruitment.  Instead of purely thinking about permanent candidates – think about the benefits of contractors and short term candidates, as a lot of top marketers are hesitant to be tied down to a full time, permanent role – the marketing industry is forever changing as are the tools and algorithms – marketers like to stay ahead of the curve and by contracting, they can skim the best tools, practices, see what works and what doesn’t across an array of industries – which means they could be a huge asset to your business.
  4. Recruit with Candidates in Mind – When you design your recruitment process, do so with the candidate’s experience in mind. A candidate should have access to all essential information in the job description, and you should be available to answer questions. You should focus on providing a positive candidate recruitment experience from beginning to end, and you should make the process as engaging and informative as possible. Remember to highlight why a marketing professional would want to work for you in the job description, focusing on company culture and how much employees are valued.
  5. Choose Someone Adaptable – There is always something changing in today’s marketing world, so make sure to choose a marketing professional who can adapt to new digital strategies, algorithms and techniques. When a marketing campaign isn’t going to plan, they should be able to adapt and make the necessary changes to improve results.

As you can see, there are a variety of things that you can do to attract top marketing talent. It’s not enough to simply upload a job description and hope for the best, as this is unlikely to attract anyone, let alone candidates that have a lot of job opportunities to choose from. It doesn’t matter which specific role you are hiring for, recruiting with candidates in mind and being clear with what you have to offer is key.

As marketing recruitment professionals, we are well equipped to find the right talent for your business. Get in touch for a chat about how we can enhance your recruitment process.

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