While it may seem easy to advertise a role on job boards and social media platforms like LinkedIn, it often results in poor-quality responses and damage to the employer’s brand. This is where the value of recruitment agencies comes in.

Recruitment agencies have a breadth of networking and skills that allow them to source and find the best possible candidates for a job. They have a deep understanding of the skills and experience required for different roles, making it easier for them to identify qualified candidates.

Moreover, recruitment agencies have access to a wider pool of candidates, including passive ones who are not actively looking for a job but may be open to the right opportunity. They also have years of experience in the hiring process, honing their craft in writing effective job postings, screening candidates, and conducting interviews, which can save businesses time and money and help them make better hiring decisions.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of working with a recruitment agency is the peace of mind it offers. Businesses can rest assured that their hiring needs are taken care of, and the agency will handle all of the details of the hiring process, from sourcing candidates to handling the paperwork. This frees up businesses to focus on other aspects of their operations.

The cost of hiring a recruitment agency can be offset by the time and money saved in the hiring process. Good recruiters can help businesses avoid costly mistakes, such as hiring the wrong person or making an offer that is too low. Moreover, working with a recruitment agency can lead to improved employee retention, as they help businesses find candidates who are a good fit for their company culture and more likely to stay in the long term.

The biggest cost of all is undoing a bad hire, with stats highlighting the cost of such a mistake, including HR time, onboarding, line management time, damage to internal morale and culture, and the impact on the quality of data. Businesses can also put a cost on the time wasted by internal teams in the hiring process, from writing job specs to sifting through CVs, responding to candidates, and conducting interviews.


All in all, using recruitment agencies can save businesses time, money, and effort and give them the best possible results. As the market is fast-moving and agile, engaging with a recruitment agency can also help businesses avoid losing out on the best talent and maintain a positive reputation. And if you’re looking for East Midlands experts in office-based roles such as Finance, Clerical, Administration, HR or Marketing reach out to Cherry Professional.  We can help you save time, find qualified candidates, and make better hiring decisions.

I’d call that a ‘no brainer’.


Author: Ian Machell | Profile | LinkedIn