At Cherry Professional, we know that values and culture play a critical role in shaping the identity and success of a company. They help define the organisation’s beliefs, behaviours and attitudes and guide decision-making at all levels. A robust set of shared values can foster employees’ sense of belonging, purpose and unity, leading to improved morale, engagement and productivity. It can also help the company’s reputation as a responsible and trustworthy organisation by attracting and retaining top talent who share those values. A lack of values or a toxic culture, on the other hand, can erode employee morale, cause conflict and turnover, and harm the company’s image and bottom line. As a result, businesses must create and sustain a positive, values-driven culture consistent with their mission and vision.

We can proudly say that the Cherry culture is truly values-driven, our commitment to our company values is unparalleled in the recruitment industry, and that’s why we are the highest-rated recruitment agency in the East Midlands. Our success can be attributed to our commitment to delivering exceptional service, building strong relationships and fostering a culture of trust, respect and transparency.


So, what are the Cherry Values?


Clarity: We communicate clearly and frequently, we’re consistent and straight-talking.

Honesty: We ensure that clients and candidates know what to expect, we’re honest and transparent.

Excellence: We are thorough in everything we do, offering a 360 service to our candidates and clients. We understand that detail can make a big difference; we are always earning our reputation for expertise and excellence.

Respect: People are at the heart of everything we do, we treat everyone as individuals, success is personal. We empower people from every spectrum of life to achieve their goals

Relationships: Our business is founded on long-term relationships with individuals, we are friendly, approachable and easy to deal with. We inspire confidence and provide encouragement, our aim is that every person we deal with has a positive experience that leads them to recommend us

You: We provide everything you need to excel, we value individuals and different types of people, we give you the training, support and systems that allow you to get on with what you’re good at


We live by our values and aim to put people first in everything we do.


We are currently looking for new and exciting talent to join our growing team, so call us today on 0115 9222240 if you are interested in a career in recruitment.

Still not convinced? Check out our work for us page to see what makes Cherry Professional the highest-rated recruitment agency in the East Midlands.