Building a trusting relationship with your recruiting partner

There’s a common misconception that recruitment is solely about filling as many roles as possible as quickly as possible, however, this is not the case. In fact, recruitment is a client service industry – the companies that are the most successful are the ones that focus their efforts building rapport with their candidates and clients to have a positive impact during the hiring process and create a trusting and long-lasting relationship.  

Open and honest communication is the most important aspect of any trusting relationship, and, without this, finding and securing the right job can become challenging. As the candidate, you want the recruitment consultant to be realistic voicing their experienced opinion on your situation, helping you to meet your expectations for your career and salary. For the consultant the strength of the relationship is just as important, it takes two to tango in a trusting relationship! A strong relationship really makes the difference when discussing key parts of the recruitment process and is likely to be the deciding factor if you receive a job offer or not. Sharing key information will be much easier if there is trust between the two parties.

The current job market is extremely candidate short with job vacancies hitting a record 1,288,000 in the first quarter of this year. This shortage is driven by the lack of highly skilled candidates to fill senior and specialised roles in the finance and IT industry. Consultants want to ensure that they pick out the perfect role for every one of their candidates and this can only be achieved through effective communication and honesty. In recent years, job retention is also becoming a major issue in the recruitment industry which is contributing further to the high level of job vacancies available in the UK. This issue can easily be solved if more recruiters put a greater focus on building trusted relationships with their candidates and clients. With the right people in the right jobs job retention will improve. 

Here at cherry professional our number one priority is providing an exceptional service for our candidates and clients alike, we are proud to say that we are the most trusted finance and office recruitment partner in the East Midlands. It’s safe to say, we really do live up to our strapline ‘Relationship Led Recruitment’. 

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