PAYE Candidates

Many congratulations on your successful placement! Here you will find everything you need to know in order to make your placement successful.

The following links will take you to an online form that need filling in before you start your assignment

1) HMRC Starter Checklist (this is only required if have no P45 or your P45 is older than 8 weeks.)

2) Bank Details

3) Previous work history with this company/organisation(only complete this if you have previously worked with the company we have placed you at)

Getting paid: 

You can download a timesheet here: 

Timesheet (PAYE)

Size: 219 KB

Payment will only be made subject to the authorised timesheet being received by us on Monday by 3pm. Any timesheets received after this time will be paid on the following weeks payment run.

After your timesheet has been signed off please ensure that you give a photocopy of the ‘final signed and completed version’ to your line Manager as they will need a copy for their records.

Other important information: Checklist

You will be paid directly into your bank account by our payroll team at Simplicity on a weekly basis. Your payslip will be sent to you by email after your payment is processed. Payment will only be made on completion and receipt of the following documents:

1. Signed terms and conditions via Docusign (contained in the email sent to you by Docusign).

2. Your proof of eligibility to work within the UK e.g. Passport

3. P45, if you do not have one yet please complete and return the Starter Checklist, ensuring your NI number is entered. Note: If you do not supply a valid NI number, the basic rate tax code will be used.

4. Bank Details (link above in Docusign). Note: If you want your wages paying into a different bank account we must receive a signed authority form before we can proceed.

If you have a query on your payslip please contact our payroll team at Simplicity on 01594 372112 during working hours.

Congratulations once again!

FAQs PAYE.docx

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