If you work in HR in 2024, strap in—it’s shaping up to be a seismic year. Everything from AI and generational shifts to flexible work and strikes will shake up the talent landscape. It’s time to get your strategies in order so you can tackle the obstacles and ride the waves of change headed your way.


Getting Ahead of the AI Curve

Widespread AI adoption means humans will need a new edge. Analyse upcoming tech at your company to predict how roles will be redefined and what distinctly ‘human’ skills will become more vital. Then upskill employees accordingly through mentorships, stretch assignments and training programs.

Within HR, generative AI like chatGPT is set to revolutionise recruitment, training, admin and more by making processes faster and simpler. But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Ensuring the human touch remains while leveraging AI efficiency will be key. Find ways to maximise AI while still connecting personally with employees.


Okay, Zoomers!

Get ready for an influx of zealous zillenial workers with high expectations around flexibility, purpose and advancement. With millennials moving into management roles, you’ve got a perfect storm of young talent leading young talent. Tap into their hunger for learning and advancement to energise your culture. Just don’t expect them to stick around if you’re not willing to invest in their growth.


Go Go Gadget HR

In 2024, your HR toolbox is about to expand exponentially. Online learning platforms, VR training tools, augmented reality experiences—the options are endless. The challenge will be deploying them strategically to enhance productivity and engagement without letting tech take over completely. Don’t forget the human element in the quest for high-tech transformation.


The Future is Flexible

Flexible work is here to stay. To make it work, focus on fostering connection, collaboration and culture across distributed teams. Use tech to your advantage—shared docs to work in real-time, video calls to communicate, and even virtual reality to replicate in-person meetings.

However, don’t write off the office just yet. Give employees compelling reasons to make the commute, like collaboration spaces to spark innovation, networking events to broaden connections, and mentoring circles to share knowledge. The future office needs to be an inviting hub of activity, not just a place to show up because you ‘have to’.


Weathering the Storm

With economic uncertainty on the horizon, strikes and disputes over pay and conditions will likely surge globally. See this as an opportunity for meaningful dialogue rather than a necessary evil. Listen openly to employee concerns—collective bargaining is far more constructive for both sides than stonewalling demands.

In a nutshell, the people’s focus this year needs to be on blending technological transformation with human connection, meeting rising expectations around purpose and advancement, and fostering agility in uncertain conditions. Organisations that get their strategy right will find exciting opportunities ahead for HR in 2024.

Dee Fletcher Divisional Manager Dee.Fletcher@cherryprofessional.co.uk