A temporary or interim employee is a staff member who works for your business but is employed for a certain period of time through a recruitment agency. Recently, temporary recruitment has become a popular hiring strategy across the UK.

In 2022, the number of temp employees increased to 63,000 in the UK, demonstrating the importance and value of temporary workers for organisations across the country.

What are the perks of hiring temporary and interim employees?

Your business can benefit from hiring temporary and interim staff in various ways.

Flexibility & Speediness

Flexibility enables your business to establish a new member of staff without committing to them long-term, making it an attractive and simple solution. On top of this, temp and interim employees tend to be available immediately to start the role, providing an immediate solution for your needs.

Administration is reduced

A temporary/interim employee won’t be on your payroll. Instead, the recruitment agency you hire through will be responsible for any tax or pension contributions for the temporary employee. They will also take care of their payments, taking admin responsibilities on the temporary worker away from your business.

Trial new expertise

Temporary and interim recruitment can offer your business the opportunity to try out a new pool of expertise which your company may not yet have. This could help the business to see if these new skills could bring value to the team and see if it would be worth hiring the candidate or a candidate of similar skills in the company on a permanent basis.

Minimal risk

Whilst hiring permanent workers can come with risks (a bad hire can cost up to 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings), hiring temporary and interim workers comes with little to no risk. Any risks are removed due to the flexibility of ending a contract early if needs be with a temporary worker. You will also be able to extend the worker’s contract if you wish which is another great perk of temporary and interim contracts.

Boost team morale

Adding another team member or members through temporary and interim recruitment can boost your team’s spirits because an extra helping hand can be added quickly and efficiently. Temporary and interim workers will be able to help reduce burnout within the team to ensure your employees benefit from a better work-life balance.

Temporary recruitment is a no brainer

Businesses across the country need to step up their workforce planning to grow effectively but fear not because recruiters can assist with this.

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