In a recent poll that had everyone buzzing (yes, we’re talking about office politics and not the latest celebrity scandal), we asked our esteemed audience about their ideal work arrangements. Brace yourselves because the results are in! With a staggering 49% of the votes, 2 days in the office reigns supreme. Now, let’s dive into these juicy findings and explore the future of work.


Demographics: Would These Results Change with a Dash of Age or a Sprinkle of Seniority?

We’re all about equal opportunities here, but let’s shake things up! If we stirred the pot by targeting specific demographics like age, occupation, or seniority, would our poll results turn into a surprise soufflé? It’s time to uncover how different groups savour the flavours of workplace flexibility.


Goodbye, Water cooler Chats: Is the Pandemic the Culprit or Just the Hottest Gossip?

As we bid farewell to the once-beloved water cooler chats, we ponder the reasons behind our transition away from the traditional “9 to 5 in the hive.” Was the pandemic the ultimate party pooper, crashing our office gathering? Or should we give credit to other mischievous culprits, like technological advancements? We’re going to peel back the layers and find out.


The Crystal Ball: Predicting Future Results and the Remote Work Takeover

Gazing into our crystal ball, we can’t help but wonder what the future holds for the world of work. Will hybrid arrangements continue to be the secret sauce, or will the allure of fully remote work cast a spell on us all? Let’s dust off our fortune-telling skills and try to forecast the next chapter in our work story, where lounge pants might be the new power suit.


Cherry: The Fairy Godmother of Hybrid/Remote Work Adaptation

As some companies dance to the hum of their own hard drives, Cherry comes to the rescue! How can we help both candidates and clients glide through the maze of hybrid and remote work? With our extraordinary expertise and magical powers, we’ll sprinkle practical advice, resources, and a pinch of humour to ensure that even the most tech-resistant companies join the modern work party.



In this intriguing tale of office preferences, 2 days in the office emerges as the popular choice, leaving us to wonder if we’ll ever fully divorce ourselves from the Monday morning commute. Nevertheless, change is in the air, and we must adapt to the shifting work landscape with grace and a dash of humour.


At Cherry, we’re here to guide you through the hybrid/remote work maze, making sure you land in a place where productivity and pyjama bottoms coexist harmoniously. Stay tuned to our social media platforms and content hub on our website for more tantalising insights, witty banter, and expert guidance as we traverse the ever-entertaining world of work!


Author: Lewis Manners | Profile | LinkedIn