There is a growing demand for professionals who work in the digital world, especially those in marketing roles. As businesses continue to focus a lot more on their online presence and ecommerce capabilities, marketing professionals are increasingly needed.

In this blog, we have taken a look at the top marketing roles to look out for this year. Though there are a variety of marketing jobs to choose from, the five listed below really are where businesses are focusing their attention.

Marketing Jobs Everyone’s Talking About in 2023

●      Digital Marketing Manager – There is no denying that digital marketing has become a crucial part of running a business, so it’s no surprise that digital marketing managers are highly sought after. In fact, the average salary for a digital marketing manager in the East Midlands has increased by 12.1%, according to Reed. As technology is continuing to evolve, a lot of businesses are focusing on digital marketing, and so a skilled digital marketing manager is needed to handle everything.

●      UX and UI Designers – In 2023, marketing is all about users and how they interact with technology. This means that marketing teams need to keep up to date with the latest methods, and they need to improve users’ online experiences as much as possible. UX and UI designers are roles that a lot of businesses are now paying attention to, meaning that candidates are in an excellent position when it comes to finding a role that provides impressive benefits and financial compensation. In the last 12 months in the Midlands, UX and UI salaries have increased by more than 15%.

●      SEO/PPC Executive – Businesses are putting out an increasing amount of content, and this means having someone to ensure it’s seen by the right people. A SEO or PPC executive is there to measure how successful content is, improve content marketing strategies and ensure a marketing budget is being used effectively. With a large number of competitors all vying for the same audience, an SEO or PPC executive plays a vital part in making sure that a business is seen online.

●      Copywriter – Copy is a huge part of marketing and branding, and businesses looking to dominate the online world need someone who can help them to convey information, engage with customers and stand out amongst competitors. In the UK, the average salary for a copywriter has risen by 6.8% in the last year, and this is even higher in the Midlands. One of the huge benefits of copywriting that some marketing roles don’t have is that it can be a completely remote position. This is something that a lot of marketing professionals are looking for.

●      Graphic Designer – Companies are embracing innovation, and this often means relying on graphic designers to bring the brand, personality and products to life. The demand for graphic designers has been increasing for many years, and that isn’t going to change as we venture through 2023. Graphic designers are highly sought after due to their ability to visually communicate ideas, create compelling designs and enhance brand identities. This makes them invaluable assets in today’s visually-driven world.

Marketing roles are more important than ever in 2023 as businesses recognise the increasing importance of brand positioning, digital marketing expertise, and data driven decision making in a rapidly evolving market.

If you are in need of marketing professionals in the East Midlands, we urge you to get in touch for an open and honest review of available candidates. We understand that candidates with the right skills can be hard to hire and retain, however, with our expertise, we can ensure we find you the right talent, quickly. Get in touch.