The thought of finding a new job can be very exciting but equally daunting, while we all strive to get that perfect job, Cherry Professional understands that this ideal is different depending on your passions or perhaps your perspective on a work – life balance. 

There is so much to consider when finding a new role, and we know sometimes it’s impossible to know where to start. We believe that IT IS possible to find your dream job! With more than 30 million companies and 20 million job listings, LinkedIn is the perfect place to begin. Social networking is a powerful tool or your job search, why? 

According to LinkedIn, more than 70% of professionals get hired at a company where they already have a professional connection, but that number falls by 10% when they don’t know them personally. It’s is essential you’re building real relationships; LinkedIn is the most effective, free tool to achieve this. To develop real relationships, follow the strategies outlined below. There is much more to LinkedIn than just picking the right profile picture or banner. 

Recognising milestones! Don’t be afraid to congratulate your connections on promotions or new jobs, or even just celebrating their birthday.  They could be struggling, and a professional heartfelt note could go a long way! Equally endorsing your connections skills, may lead to them returning the favour, and if not, don’t be shy to ask them to, effective communication is key!

Share relevant content! It helps keep you in your connections feed and will keep them engaged! Remember your aim is to continue to build real relationships! Ensure that you’re also adding a comment to the post, tell them why you found it relevant and why your connections might? Ask them a question to get them to make them actively reply to the post!

Share your achievements! You are your own brand! Recruiters spend hours scanning through LinkedIn to find high performers, keep these achievements in your summary or your experience section. Have you got any publications you’re proud of? Have you been promoted? Handpicked for a project? Shout about it!

Be open to the next chapter in your professional journey! Did you know that there are around 3 million hiring professionals using LinkedIn? LinkedIn allows them to see your professional profile, opening door the door to a new employer!  Your professional network is there and willing to help you get that job! Are you unhappy at your current job? Looking for something more? Recruiters could help you realise that it may be time for a change, they may see something in you that you might not, acting as a voice for those who want to push past limits. Helping you realize you are perfect for an open vacancy!

Make time to work on your professional profile! We understand that being time stretched is an enormous obstacle when it comes to devolving professional relationships. Around 26% of users say they simply just can’t find the time and almost half say they would just simply prefer to use the little free time that they have with family or other social commitments. While a work – life balance is vital to manage stress, schedule in time to improve your LinkedIn profile, 24% of professionals say Wednesday is the best day to build of professional relationship, maybe you could use the time you have on your morning commute to get this done!