As you probably know, the UK employment market is in high demand for talented, skilled individuals. We can see businesses are growing and seem to be constantly in search of talented staff.

With the demand for permanent employees increasing month on month and becoming increasingly difficult, the short term solution to staying on track is using temporary workers.

Cherry Professional are the best rated agency on Google for the East Midlands and that's because we are dedicated to providing the best service to our candidates and clients.

There are many benefits to using temps and we will ensure the process runs seamlessly. 

Benefits include:

  • Speed of hiring a temp – they could be at the desk and working within hours
  • Handling all legalities of employment (pay, NI, contracts, holiday pay, AWR, etc.)
  • No upfront fees – pay as you go
  • Not 100% sure you need to recruit on a permanent basis?
  • Try before you buy – Temps are a great way to assess personality fit
  • Existing team being stretched to the max and need instant support – solve the problem within hours
  • Important deadlines to meet

We’ve met, referenced and interviewed all our temporary candidates to ensure they are the best fit for your needs

To talk to us in more detail about your temporary hiring needs, then please get in touch with us using our Contact Us page, Post a Vacancy page, or call us on 0115 9222240.