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Cherry Professional, the East Midlands’ leading finance, HR, marketing, and business support recruitment consultancy, has released its 2024 HR Salary Survey, revealing a growing disconnect between employer and employee expectations. The report highlights the critical role HR professionals play in navigating this complex landscape, driving change, and balancing the needs of both parties.

The survey uncovers several key findings that underscore the challenges HR professionals face:

  1. While over 95% of employers now offer hybrid and flexible working arrangements, many are pushing for a return to the traditional office-centric model, creating tension with employees who value flexibility.
  2. The mismatch between benefits currently offered and those most desired by employees, such as performance bonuses and extra holidays, puts HR in the challenging position of managing expectations and negotiating compromises.
  3. As businesses grapple with lean times, HR professionals must advocate for continued investment in employee development and training to maintain engagement, retention, and productivity.

Our 2024 HR Salary Survey reveals the growing complexities HR professionals face in today’s rapidly evolving workplace, said Danielle Asano, Managing Director of Cherry Professional.

HR teams are at the forefront of driving change, often having to implement policies they may not entirely agree with while also striving to create an environment that meets the needs and desires of their workforce.”