Time saving....

Your time is very valuable!

As part of our ongoing Business Improvement plan I want to know the top 5 things in your working day that drain your time away from building relationships which impact revenue.

What parts of your role do you wish could just get taken care of elsewhere?

Think in terms of if you each had your own PA, what would you get them to do? (unfortunately, they can’t do all your BD or candidate IIVs for you – nothing that needs your skills to connect person to person!)

I’m referring to more admin based tasks, "busy work", such as sending out interview confirmations, chasing missing data, updating salary info on candidates etc.

A few more ideas to get you thinking:

Data coding, sending out interview confirmations, missing data in Bullhorn so your search/spec mailer isn’t accurate, correcting incorrect data, knowing when candidates are available, salary data (and entering all this back into Bullhorn), post placement follow up, chasing timesheets, chasing compliance, booking process for IIVS, staying on top of your New Leads, updating status from placed to available, staying in touch with working temps, sending out BD emails to target clients, scheduling follow up BD calls, remembering to take references from current temp hiring managers, adding temp hiring manager to a hotlist, keeping your hot candidates and clients engaged and warm…..phew!

Please enter them here: