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Are you looking for your next challenge in a senior Procurement role? A Procurement Manager position will give you fantastic grounding for your journey up the senior ladder. Multitasking is key and every day will be different, filled with unique challenges.

What makes a good Procurement Manager?

Procurement Managers lead the team that is responsible for procuring all the services and goods a business needs to operate. They must ensure that they get the best value for money and not be afraid to negotiate with suppliers. Driving business efficiencies will be one of your main objectives.

To be a successful Procurement Manager you must work well under pressure, be an effective multi-tasker, communicate effectively and be a good leader. You will have good organisational skills, strong negotiation skills, and the ability to communicate effectively with all levels of hierarchy.

Procurement Managers will have solid finance capabilities and experience in managing budgets. You will be expected to forecast, plan, and asses the needs of the business.

Key responsibilities might also include:

  • Source suppliers, negotiate, and manage contracts
  • Build business relationships with key suppliers
  • Managing a team of Procurement Officers
  • Develop purchasing strategies
  • Meet budgetary requirements 

Procurement professionals come from varied backgrounds as there isn’t a legal requirement to have a qualification. However most employers prefer candidates who have a degree in an area such as business or economics, logistics, supply chain management or purchasing. You can pursue a CIPS qualifications which many employers look favourably on as you progress up the ladder

Procurement Manager’s average salary banding in the East Midlands - £50 - 60k per annum but this does vary depending on the organisation you’re in.