Are you a good negotiator with a good eye for a bargain, extremely organised, a great communicator and have experience working as an Assistant Buyer? Supply Chain / Procurement / Buying could be the perfect job role for you. Most organisations will have a Buyer or Buying team ensuring they have the right products / materials to keep their business running. Depending on the organisation will depend on the type of products a buyer is responsible for but within most the business cannot exist without this function.

What makes a good Buyer?

A good Buyer must firstly have an excellent understanding of the organisation they work for in order purchase the correct materials / products to achieve successful sales or completion of projects. A good buyer will know exactly what their organisation needs in order to be successful in this area. It is often the Buyer’s responsibility to choose from a range of different products so being able to make a decision based on your knowledge of the business is key. 

Buyers will be tasked with finding the best price for products and will usually work to a budget, getting the best product for the best price is essential. To do this you must have excellent negotiation skills and be able to build relationships quickly with suppliers and maintain this for future sales. It is crucial when negotiating prices with suppliers that Buyer’s have good market knowledge and therefore are equipped with the right information to support negotiations.

Often organisations are on a time scale and have tight deadlines to work towards, therefore it is essential that the Buyer / Buyer’s are organised and always up to date with the purchase of goods and delivery, communicating with the supplier / suppliers regularly is one of the most important duties within this role. Passing this information onto various departments within the business is essential in the smooth running of this role. Know your stuff, keep updated at all times. Communicate effectively and negotiate well and you are sure to make a top-quality Buyer with a bright career in Procurement.

Other duties of a Buyer:

  • Stock control
  • Working to budgets
  • Price negotiation
  • Market research
  • Working to tight deadlines
  • Communicating between departments and with multiple suppliers
  • Finding the right supplier
  • Building and maintaining relationships with suppliers
  • Problem solving with any changes to demand

A Buyer’s role is very busy and will require a lot of multi-tasking and problem solving and can be very challenging at times. If you are successful within this position there are routes for progression into management and senior management, certainly putting you in a good position for a progressive future.

In order to make yourself more marketable when looking/applying for Buyer roles we would recommend the world-wide recognised professional qualification CIPS by The Chartered Institute of Procurement.

Many organisations will look for the CIPS qualification on candidate’s CV’s either completed or working towards, showing passion for the role and a procurement education. This will certainly help put your application to the top of the pile. Learn more about this qualification.

The average salary for a Buyer in the East Midlands - £ 37,500 pa depending on experience, however this will also differ depending on the organisation.