Are you an ambitions, people person looking to take further steps in your sales career or making a decision on the right path for you? Are you willing to work hard and reap the rewards? Learn more about the exciting opportunities working as a Sales Advisor can present and the attributes needed to succeed.

What makes a good Sales Advisor?

Successful Sales Advisors are hard working driven individuals with a passion for delivering exceptional customer service resulting in the achievement of company sales targets. Sales professionals are often financially motivated and will get great job satisfaction from seeing their hard work reflected in their bank balance. Sales is a challenging professional but it is also one of few that reward so greatly, not only financially but through the satisfaction of happy customers too.

A Sales Advisor will work well under pressure and have the ability to prioritise workload effectively. Planning your day will help but sales can be unpredictable and therefore changes to a daily plan are likely, targets will however stay the same making it crucial to multi-task and prioritise well.

Enthusiasm is key, when selling any product your enthusiasm and communication is likely to make or break the sale. Customers will look to you for quality advise and excitement about a product or service. Sales Advisors often act like Chameleons with the ability to adapt to different situations and different prospective customers giving them a unique experience.

Other key responsibilities of a Sales Advisor:

  • Maintain high levels of customer service at all times 
  • Follow up on leads and ensure a smooth sale
  • Communicate effectively with prospective clients
  • Knowing the product
  • Answer customer questions efficiently and effectively
  • Advising on the right products for customers dependant on their needs
  • Administrative duties
  • Updating CRM system
  • Following up on leads
  • Dealing with customer complaints effectively 
  • Working to targets and KPI’s
  • Build rapport with customers/clients and maintain relationships built
  • Work as part of a sales team and individually to achieve company targets

A career in Sales will give variety and excitement in your day-day work life, offering challenges and team & individual success. Sales Advisors are seen to be key members of any sales team and in any organisation and are appreciated for the revenue they generate, adding to an organisations success and security for it’s employees.

The majority of Mangers and senior professionals start their career as a hands on Sales Advisor proving this position to be the perfect platform to start a successful career within Sales & Management. 

To support you with workplace learning and for those who are looking for a head start we would recommend the City & Guilds Certificate and Diploma in Sales. This qualification willdevelop the knowledge and skills you need to succeed within the competitive sales environment. Find out more about this qualification by clicking here.

The average salary for a Sales Advisor in the East Midlands is - £15-21k + commission/bonuses, however this does differ depending on the organisation.