Are you a positive thinking team player with a passion for the customer experience? If this is you, a role within Customer Service would be the perfect position for you. Customer Service professionals are the living breathing values of an organisation and are what can make the reputation of a successful business. Working in Customer Service will provide a varied and challenging work day with reward and job satisfaction.

What makes a good Customer Service Professional?

A successful Customer Service Professional will be patient and have a strong customer service ethos. The importance of patience and positive thinking is key within this role as you will be faced with challenging customers but they can always be turned around.

Customer Service Professionals will be passionate about providing an exceptional service and resolving any problems that arise quickly and efficiently. They are in direct contact with customers and have an absolute impact on retention and the expansion of the business’s consumer base.

Being driven and committed will ensure success, working to KPI’s and targets come hand in hand with Customer Service and often have a reward attached to achievements. Team players are needed within a customer service department, boosting moral and working hard to achieve business objectives.

Key responsibilities might also include:

  • Dealing with customers over the phone, face to face and via email
  • Working to KPI’s, multi-tasking and prioritising to ensure targets are met
  • Handling complaints and customer queries quickly and efficiently
  • Retaining business by sticking to company values
  • Maintain a positive attitude and customer service ethos at all times
  • Communicate clearly with customers
  • Work as a team to achieve targets set
  • Implement any changes to customer accounts
  • Take electronic payments
  • Selling companies products

The Customers Service team within any organisation are key in what makes the business grow and in turn growth of finances therefore are usually seen to be the most influential employees. It is an exciting position with many challenges, no day is ever the same. Within a Customer Service position there is a lot of opportunity to increase annual salary by achieving targets and KPI’s. You will also be in a good position for promotion to a Team Leader/Managerial role if this is the career path you have chosen.

To support your working experience you may have already completed or be studying towards a NVQ Certificate/Diploma in Customer Service Level 1-4, we would highly recommend this a chosen path of study.

Customer Service Professional’s average salary banding in the East Midlands - £16-22k per annum with added bonuses / commissions but this does vary depending on the organisation you’re in.

Our Administration & Business Professionals Team

Our Administration & Business Professionals Team