Are you an experienced Sales Professional looking for the next step in your career with more responsibility and in a managerial position? Taking on the challenge of Sales Management is the more than likely the natural progression for you. As a Sales Manager you will learn the ins and outs of how your organisation is ran while tackling the challenges and enjoying the successes that make management so satisfying.

What makes a good Sales Manager?

Sales managers are the key drivers of financial growth for most organisations and therefore to be successful within this role it is crucial you are able to work well under pressure and have the ability to lead and motivate your sales team. The sales team will look to you for advice and best practice, they will see you as the leader to their individual sales success. Sales managers must show patience and exceptional communication, team members will react differently to management, being adaptable and understanding this will have a direct influence on the companies overall achievements.

As a Sales Manager you will be business savvy, understanding the market and annual trends in order to set finically targets and individual sales targets for the sales team. Using your experience and perfected sales skills a good Sales Manager will get hands on contributing the tales targets and maintaining customer relationships as well as generating new business.

As with most sales and management roles communication and dedication is the key to success. Honing those skills will prove invaluable within a Sales Manager position.

Other key responsibilities of a Sales Manager:

  • Management of the sales team in order to hit targets
  • Improve company growth
  • Offer training/coaching and support to the sales team
  • Set company sales targets and the team in order to achieve them
  • Monitor the performance of your sales team and individual team members
  • Reporting to senior management
  • Oversee the recruitment of sales staff
  • Plan and implement strategies to maximise sales and company profits
  • Contribute to the sales targets where needed
  • Conduct market research and analysis of competitors
  • Identify new sales opportunities
  • Motivate the sales team appropriately
  • Maintaining and improving client/customer relationships
  • Present sales figures to senior management
  • Understanding the market and financial requirements/budgeting of the business

Sales management is one of he most important positions within any organisation ensuring that the growth and profitability of business is maintained on behalf of senior management. At this stage in your career you will more than likely have achieved some great success within your sales roles and are now ready to take that success and knowledge into a more senior position. This progression will offer you more responsibility and the chance to lead a sales team to their own successes.

There are many avenues for progression for experienced Sales Managers and likely roles that follow include, Area / Regional Sales Manager, General Manager, Head of Sales, Sales Director and more. Working as a sales manager is definitely a step in the right direction for a lucrative career within your chosen industry.

To support you with workplace learning the Open University offer an NVQ Diploma in Management. We would highly recommend this as your chosen route for education and extra support within your managerial role.

This course will educate you on the difference between levels of management, how to delegate workload, motivation your team, achieving results along with operational information and much more. Making additional steps to learn about your new role and how to succeed will prove invaluable in the progression of your career as a whole. Learn more about this qualification and there’s here -

The average salary for a Sales Manager in the East Midlands is - £+ commission/bonuses, however this does differ depending on the organisation.

If this sounds like the right position for you, check out our latest Sales Management vacancies here