Are you looking to start a career in Marketing or hoping to take some steps to push your Marketing career to the next level? Marketers aim to identify consumer demand for the products or services. They work to raise awareness of the product and make it attractive to buyers or service users.

There is a lot of opportunity for progression and it can be a varied role, but you can choose to specialise in a specific area such as Market Research or Digital marketing for instance.

What skills are needed to make a good marketer?

To be a good marketer you would be required to communicate at all levels of the business and between a several departments therefore the ability to build relationships with colleagues and communicate effectively is crucial and will highlight your professionalism. Marketers tend to work in a fast-paced environments so good time management, attention to detail and organisation is also important as you can have serval tasks to juggle. Therefore, being flexible working under pressure, multi-tasking and prioritising your work load as essential for meeting business needs.

You will also need a good understanding of digital marketing techniques and commercial awareness as this relates to your audience and their needs. Being aware of this means that you will be able to tailor your products, services or communication to their needs. For his reason experience in customer service is desirable.

To understand the effects of your marketing campaigns, analytical and numerical skills will be needed to assess its effectiveness. In terms of creating an effective campaign you will need creativity, innovation, initiative and imagination to introduce something unique and engaging to appeal to your audience and get your message across effectively. As a result of this, having the confidence to pitch, present and justify your ideas is also important.

Key responsibilities might also include:

  • Conducting market research
  • Assist in developing campaign and report results and coordinate market research studies
  • Suggest ideas for marketing campaigns designed to enhance and grow the company’s brand
  • Assist senior marketing professionals with completing large projects
  • Update social media platforms
  • Create content to be used in marketing communications

As well as a good knowledge of Microsoft packages including, Office, Word and Excel. Having a good technical understanding and being computer literate are required for most Admin roles. Marketers will also regularly use a CRM (customer relationship management) system which to manage clients, the data and information related to them.

There are a number of ways to keep your tech skills up to scratch with some quick and easy online courses, here are some of our favourites:

And for an introduction into marketing:

To support your working experience you may have already completed or be studying towards a degree in marketing, we would recommend this a chosen path of study. Alternatively, a degree in digital marketing, advertising, public relations (PR), media, journalism, communications or event management, demonstrates interest in the industry and have the transferrable skills to qualify you for an assistants role.

A marketing assistant’s average salary banding in the East Midlands - £18-20k per annum but this does vary depending on the organisation you’re in.