Information for Interims

Downloads for Interims

Whether you are a seasoned Interim, or are about to embark on your first temporary assignment, Cherry Professional will guide you through the process to ensure all goes smoothly.

Considering temping?

Working as a temp can open doors that you potentially never knew existed, one perk being you don’t have to go through a long interview process, some employers will even start you on a working interview just to get you started and it’s up to you then to demonstrate your worth to the business.

Temporary assignments come in all shapes and sizes, from 1 day reception cover to a 6 month purchase ledger role in a finance department. You generally don’t have to have all the boxes ticked in terms of relevant experience as clients often don’t have the luxury of waiting for that perfect candidate.

Cherry Professional are placing school leavers, graduates, career temps and people that find themselves back in the work place after being made redundant or having had a career break and are available at short notice. The opportunities are endless!!

Benefits of being an Interim: 

  • Lots of Interim professionals like to work in 'chunks' of time - for example 3 months on and then a month off on holiday.
  • It suits clients too - they only pay you for the days that you're actually at work.
  • Offsetting expenses  allows Interims to reduce their taxable pay
  • Exposure to different sectors, building their reputation with lots of different clients - eventually the work will come to them rather than going out and having to find it.
  • It can be very rewarding going into a business with a problem / project which an Interim successfully complete - they can see the rewards of their labour
  • Interims don't get involved with company politics and don't tend to get stressed - their work problems stay at work

Cherry Interims and Temps: 

If you become an Interim on one of our assignments then we have a number of useful downloads available here. If there is anything else you need please don't hesitate to get in touch with our Admin Team who are on hand to help out. Contact details are at the bottom of the page.

Deadlines and payments:

If you work as a PAYE Temp with us, then the following weekly deadlines for timesheet submission and payment apply:

Submit your timesheet authorised by your manager to us on Friday for the week you have just worked, at the latest please submit on the following Monday by 3pm.

Timesheets received after this point may not be processed until the following week.

Timesheets must be authorised by your manager prior to us receiving them. If they are not then there may be a delay in you receiving payment.

The Cherry Admin team then process your timesheet and you will be paid on Friday’s for the week previous.

If there is a Bank Holiday Monday then we need your timesheet on the previous Friday to ensure we have enough time to process it. We may be able to accept timesheets first thing on a Tuesday morning after a bank holiday.

We will let our temps know of any specific holiday requirements in due course, eg Christmas or Easter.


Cherry’s payroll partner, Simplicity, will pay you. They will email your payslip to you each week, and all their contact details will be on there in case you have any queries about your pay.

Our expert Admin team are also on hand and can help with any queries. Isaac Weaver or Mel Chester can be contacted on 0115 9222240.


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