The role of an HR Business Partner has many areas of responsibility but most broadly recognised for the integral part they play in solidifying business, culture, values and objectives with all employees. If you have a passion for employee relations and a number of years of experience within a senior HR role then this could be the perfect next step on your career journey. Learn more about this position here.

What makes a good HR Business Partner?

A good HR Business Partner will have the ability to communicate effectively with employees at all levels with the understanding and appreciation of the role each member of staff plays in the success of an organisation. It is the responsibility of an HR Business Partner to mentor and guide the managers of different departments in the positive leadership of their team therefore, this deep understanding of what different employees respond to is integral in being a successful HR Business Partner.

HR Business Partners are required to think analytically in order to build strategies around employee benefits and rewards in line with company policies, while always maintaining culture and values. In order to implement new strategies it is the HR Business Partners responsibility to coach the managers of each department ensuring correct filtration throughout the business.

An HR Business Partner will be required to work closely with senior management to ensure the business as a whole is running smoothly and providing HR advice where needed therefore, maintaining up to date knowledge of employment laws and legislations is essential.

Other key responsibilities of an HR Business Partner:

  • Ensuring the HR processes support business objectives
  • Solidify the companies values and culture
  • Assist in any change management
  • Oversee the general management of the HR Department
  • Leadership of HR projects
  • Employee engagement
  • Take the lead on any HR related employee issues i.e. grievances, complaints etc.

HR Business Partners act as employee champions and are often seen as the glue sticks employees with organisations having a huge impact on the retention of employees at the same time. This role is a fantastic platform for leading different departments to success through good HR practice and in turn as the HR Business Partner seen as invaluable to any organisation.

This position will 9 times out of 10 require the HR professional qualification CIPD completed at level 5. We would highly recommend taking this route in order to make yourself more marketable as this will certainly open more doors to fantastic HR Business Partner opportunities.

Learn more about what a CIPD qualification will give you.

Take your first steps in obtaining your CIPD qualification.

The average salary for an HR Business Partner in the East Midlands - £38-60k PA however this will differ depending on the organisation.