Do you come from a Management Accounting or Financial Accounting background, highly organised and looking for a senior level step up your financial career ladder? Learn more about the role of a Financial Controller, commonly referred to as an FC and what it takes to be successful within this role.

What makes a good Financial Controller?

A Financial Controllers role within an organisation is just that, to take control of the financial operations. Reporting directing into the FD (Finance Director) it is the FC’s responsibility to ensure the smooth running of all financial functions within a business. A successful FC will have a very analytical eye and the ability to spot areas for improvement within the operations of the finance function.

In order to work successfully as a Financial Controller, you must be highly organised to ensure the business is operating efficiently and effectively and that all financial functions are being executed well within all areas of the financial department. It is the responsibility of the FC to monitor the organisations day to day finances and although they are not responsible for making any importance financial decisions they will be required t report findings to the FD and MD while offering opinions/advice, therefore a deep understanding of the overall business operations is essential.

Financial Controllers sit at senior level with an organisation making it extremely important to communicate effectively with Directors and employees at all levels.

Other key responsibilities of a Financial Controller

  • Reporting of all financial transactions and monitoring company accounts
  • Reporting directly to the Finance Director
  • Auditing
  • Training of Finance team on procedures
  • Analysis of data
  • Keeping IT systems up to date
  • Ensuring and maintaining healthy financial situation with the organisation
  • Keeping up to date with financial compliance i.e. tax regulations etc.
  • Be at an advance Excel level
  • Review financial plans and budgeting
  • Make suggestions to more senior management on procedures that might benefit the business
  • Lead the Finance department and supervise management

Working as a Financial Controller will give you the understanding of the analytical side of running an organisation and the skills needed to progress within your financial career to Director level. This is an important step in your career journey and essential in acquiring key operational skills for both financially and the business as a whole that are needed to take those next steps up the career ladder.

Most organisations require their Financial Controller to be a member of a qualified accounting body such as CIMA or ACCA – learn more about these memberships here –

The average salary for a Financial Controller in the East Midlands -  £40-60K PA, however this might differ depending on the organisation.