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Tackling the business impacts of COVID-19

Tuesday, 11 May 2021

12:00 to 13:00


The economy is evolving; volatility across the market due to the pandemic, Brexit implications, and the ripple effect resulting from supply chain issues are creating some of the most challenging conditions UK businesses have ever experienced. Having knowledge of the options and tools available is fundamental to ensuring businesses can take action, work towards recovery, and leverage future opportunities.

This webinar, in partnership with FRP, is designed to provide guidance on how you can support businesses to prosper in the new economy. The panel will draw upon their expertise across Corporate Finance, Debt Advisory and Restructuring Advisory, assessing the current state of play in the market, explaining how to identify signs of distress, and outlining the options available for recovery.

The experts will offer their perspective on current challenges UK businesses are facing, sharing recent experiences and providing practical examples on how to support your clients through a changing economic environment.

Key topics include:

- Supporting recovery and growth through mergers & acquisitions.

- Considering unencumbered collateral and assessing maintainable cashflow for lending purposes.

- How to identify the early warning signs of distress.

- Overcoming unsustainable liabilities in the current market.

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