Social Selling Unlocked : The Secret To Driving Sales Growth In A Connected...

Thursday, 6 December 2018

15:00 to 17:00


How does your business drive sales growth in such a fast-changing world?

In the modern digital environment, it is proving increasingly difficult to reach buyers early enough in their decision-making processes. Buyers and decision makers are more informed, have more market choices and simply getting noticed in such a noisy world, is harder than ever.

So how do you ensure that you stay front of mind, pull in and then nurture relationships with prospective buyers? Social Selling is the answer.

In this dynamic workshop we will introduce you to the concept of social selling, why it is the most effective sales approach for you to leverage and a powerful three stage system that will guarantee success for your sales growth. If you own a business, run a sales team or work in sales, then this workshop is perfect for you.



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