PSA East Midlands January: Make heart-shaped decisions, and be a little bit famous

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

17:45 to 21:30


Get your speaking year off to a galloping start with two marvellous keynote speakers. Without giving too much away, there's no-one like Graham Frost. He'll tell us about his extraordinary life and what it's taught him about decision-making. And the endlessly entertaining Penny Haslam (or Penny off telly as we know her affectionately) will talk about her brand new book and help us to become a little bit famous.

We'll start with networking at 5:45pm, hot food at 6pm and we'll get into the main room and begin at 6:30pm when the first order of business will be to offer a 60 second slot to those who booked an early bird ticket - names will go into a hat and first 3 picked out get a minute to talk to the room. You can do a snippet of a talk, describe your business, ask for help or advice or whatever you want to use it for.

Our January keynote speakers


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