Ignite Your Inner Potential

Saturday, 12 January 2019

09:00 to 16:30


Perhaps you are feeling that your life could be more. Maybe you’ve tried to live your dreams, those dreams of happiness that you have held for so many years but are suffocated by your current circumstances. Most of us are in a similar position. Even where parts of our lives are doing well, there is a hidden part that you have never really truly explored. Perhaps fear has held you back. You are scared of making that fatal mistake or even when you decide to move forward you find that others convince you it is too big a step. 

Ignite your inner potential is one of the fastest growing personal development events in the UK and we continue to grow by 100% attendance every single year. This is THE place to start to make the changes in your life to become the person you always dreamt of being. It is possible…if you believe you can, then you will succeed.



Derby, convention