How Digital Platforms Reduce Business Cost & Improve Efficiency

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

12:00 to 13:00


​About this event

Launching a business is hard, and sustaining one is even harder. Especially when we live in rapidly changing times like this moment.

As a business, it is very likely that we will find ourselves in situations wherein we are left with no choice but to take on more than we can handle. A good example of this is the global pandemic we are all facing at the moment.

Even before the circumstances changed due to the ongoing pandemic we are all facing, lots of businesses struggled with anxiety when thinking about the future of their own companies. One of the things must be about the “cost” and “efficiency”. Thus, it’s very important for us to optimize our business by considering the use of digital platforms.

Digital platforms like data center and cloud service can support businesses to develop their digital services. By optimizing digital platforms, companies can also increase their business efficiency—which refers to how much a company or organization can produce as it relates to the amount of time, money, and resources needed.

Business efficiency has always been important, however it is also good for us to explore what kind of digital platforms that can really help businesses in optimizing their ways of working. Especially, how it can reduce the business cost and gain a sustainable profit stream.

Join these awesome speakers as they will share insights and their best practices on how they can optimize their business by utilizing digital platforms;

  • Dhenu Wiarsandi as Head of Payment Product Group of LinkAja

  • Fanny Limassa as VP Product (Marketplace, Logistics & Core Platform) of Bukalapak

  • Anton Timur as Executive Account Manager of Tribe Digital Platform, Telkom DWS

Also, Telkom DWS as the digital platforms provider will give some points on how they provide the data center and what benefits companies can get by using it.

The event will cover the following topics:

  • Why businesses need to improve efficiency and reduce cost

  • How to measure business efficiency and cost from the engineering/product point of view

  • Reduce cost from an engineering/product perspective—what to do, and what to avoid

  • What are the difficulties in reducing cost and business efficiency, and how to overcome them

  • How digital platforms (especially Data Center & Cloud) within a digital ecosystem can help to reduce business cost & gain sustainable profit stream

  • How to choose the right tools, services, and infrastructure (digital platform) to help companies improve their business efficiency

  • In what situations can we benefit from the use of Cloud, Colocation, CDN, and sustainable Connectivity?

Who shouldn’t miss the event:

  • Content providers

  • System Integrators

  • Fintech Companies

  • Tech & Startup Enthusiasts

  • Game Publisher & Application Developer

This event is free for all to attend so dial in from the comfort of your home onJuly 7, at 4 PM JKT. The session will