Fire & Smoke - BBQ Cooking

Saturday, 29 June 2019

11:04 to 19:04


30 June, 13 July, 22 September & 12 October 2019
The School of Artisan Food
Tickets: £195 per person

Discover the secrets to cooking with fire and smoke – the most ancient of artisan cooking techniques – with our one-day BBQ course. Led by expert butcher Chris Moorby, you’ll discover how to cook a range of delicious dishes over charcoal.

During this hands-on course, you’ll learn how to prepare a selection of meat, fish and vegetable recipes and cook them to perfection on the grill. You’ll find out how to get the best out of your BBQ, create marinades and dry rubs and try out traditional smoking techniques. Topics covered will include:

  •     BBQ styles and types
  •     Different types of fuel
  •     Lighting techniques and cooking temperatures
  •     Direct and indirect heat
  •     Smoking with BBQs
  •     Marinades, dry rubs and sauces


On the day, you’ll be given the opportunity to cook a range of savoury, and even sweet, food on the BBQ, including:

  •     Red meats: Steaks, ribs, prime joints as well as low and slow cuts
  •     Poultry: whole joints and cuts
  •     Sausages, burgers and kebabs
  •     Fish: whole fish, fillets and shellfish
  •     Vegetables and cheese
  •     Sweets and