Team collaboration and change following COVID 19

Tuesday, 18 August 2020

13:00 to 14:00

Post COVID 19, is your team performing well? Can you identify leaders and employees who are change fatigued? Do you feel your team have the capacity to establish a new mission and purpose? Do they have the positive mindset to innovate to achieve successful results? 

COVID 19 has caused a lot of unrest, uncertainty and change to the business world. As organisations begin to establish their “new normal” one thing to be mindful of is culture and the effects of change on employees.
It’s reported that 72% of employees feel that remote working diminishes team collaberation, so it raises the question of how to reinvent that to create a successful and high performing team amidst challenging times. 
With so many businesses still in "crisis mode", its' important to establish how your business leaders adapt and lead change in challenging environment? 

We would like to invite you to a virtual round table event where we will discuss building/maintaining high performing teams and how to manage teams through change. This event will give the you the opportunity to talk to other HR professionals and business leaders about their experiences as well as getting insight and guidance from HR and culture expert Dr Susan Ross.  

Dr Suzanne Ross will be chairing this event, she is a specialist in 
leadership talent, success and derailment and has over 20 years 
experience in leadership development, talent Management and high 
performance practices. Suzanne is also a part-time senior lecturer in 
Executive Education at Nottingham Business school teaching and 
consulting in the areas of change management, culture change, 
leadership. high performance teams and talent development. Suzanne is 
an experienced coach working with leadership teams on culture, change, 
team development and performance. Suzanne is renowned in her field and 
we are extremely excited to be partnering with her.

The format of this event is an invitation only 'virtual round table' and will be a small selected group of HR and Business Leaders coming together for a open (confidential!) discussion.  The group size is designed to allow everyone the opportunity to contribute, share issues and ideas and direct the discussion to the areas most relevant to yourself and your organisation.  The aim is to leave with key take aways from the session and to give you clarity regarding next steps.  We have put together the event as a value added service to our clients and it is free of charge to attend.

Date – Tuesday 18th August 2020.  1pm-2pm via Zoom.

As you can imagine this is an extremely popular topic and as we are limited to only 10 places please register below. 

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