CIPD Recruitment Conference

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

09:00 to 17:00


​As a consequence of the Coronavirus pandemic, many companies have been forced to reduce their number of employees, while others are sticking to their hiring plans but recruiting at a slower pace. Others, on the other hand are experiencing unexpected peaks in volume recruitment. However, despite these changes and  uncertainty, there is room for opportunity.  This challenging climate requires organisations to take a strategic approach to recruitment, providing you with the prime opportunity to evaluate and enhance your practices.

Join the CIPD Recruitment Conference and and gain valuable insights on how to maximise the effectiveness of your resourcing strategies and successfully navigate through uncertain times. Hear about new technological approaches that will help you improving your talent acquisition whilst ensuring diversity and inclusion are embedded into your strategy.

This one-day online experience has been designed to equip you with practical skills, tools, and strategies to overcome the current key recruitment challenges. Making the most of the upcoming opportunities.

Conference takeaways:

  • discover how recruitment has changed during COVID and how it will recover

  • gain the practical skills to overcome the latest recruitment challenges 

  • hear valuable insights on how to maximise the effectiveness of your resourcing strategies 

  • understand what top caliber talent is looking for in an employer and leverage your brand to stand out in the market

  • learn how to position your organisation in a prime spot to attract, recruit and retain premium talent

  • find out what future skills and talent you need to start hiring now.

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