Important Message Fraud Alert:

We have been made aware of fraudsters posing as Cherry Professional, and asking individuals for personal information as part of a hiring process. Please note that all contact to, and from, Cherry Professional, will be via a email address. Should you receive emails from any other variation of email posing as Cherry Professional or be asked to send emails to any other addresses, even if the contact states they are operating on behalf of Cherry Professional, please DO NOT respond or provide personal data – email us at if you have any queries.

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Paula Maples

Paula Maples

Company Accountant

Paula is Cherry's Company Accountant and has recently joined the business. This job is Paula's first experience of recruitment so we were keen to hear how she would sum it up in 3 words: 

A helping hand

A perfect summing up of recruitment! And Paula's fact about herself is....

I used to teach gymnastics!