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Kelly Bestwick

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Kelly specialises in interim and temporary recruitment in our Accounting and Finance division, focussing on the Derby area. She has a wealth of experience in this area and joined Cherry in 2012. She has built up an unrivaled reputation in her market, and is well known and well liked by clients and candidates alike. 

So how would she sum up her recruitment style in just 5 words? 

Dedicated, supportive, fast, slightly bossy...

We couldn't agree more Kelly! And what about summing up recruitment in 3 words...

Challenging, surprising, rewarding

Kelly is also a multitasking extraordinaire and runs a very successful recruitment desk alongside having 2 young children. This links nicely to her fun fact about herself: 

I'm raising 2 boys with great ambitions - one wants to be in the SWAT team, the other wants to be a shark (but he promises he wont eat anyone)