6 days ago by Charlotte Fionda

​Could your business be benefiting from a growing temporary workforce?

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With the cost-of-living biting, the appetite for temporary work is now higher than ever. People are trying to boost their income and turning to more flexible temporary roles to make ends meet.

Employing temporary workers brings several key benefits to your business, for example, they may enable you to cover seasonal fluctuations more easily, or quickly fill any unexpected absences from your regular workforce. 

Temporary workers can be speedily recruited into all levels of your business to deliver instant impact, or to take on specific projects that are time-based, or require a niche skillset that you may not have within your current team. 

In most instances, temporary workers are a low-risk high-benefit addition to your operations, offering fresh perspectives and the potential for instant impact. They should be a strategic consideration within your business and complement your permanent workforce. You find that some are the ideal fit for your business long-term and decide to retain them on a more permanent basis, bringing the obvious benefit of having been able to ‘try before you buy.’

However, it is critical to ensure you are recruiting the right people/skillsets into your teams to ensure maximum impact and minimal disruption. That is where the expertise of the Cherry Professional team comes into its own. We have over 12 years of experience and an extensive database of skilled temporary staff who we know and can judge ‘fit’ for your business and the gaps/projects that you have.

We know time is money and as the region's highest-rated recruitment consultancy, our reputation attracts the best candidates and consultants providing you with talent and expertise that is second to none, allowing you to focus on the "day to day".

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