3 months ago by Lewis Manners

5 ways to enhance your CV

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Did you know, there are an average of 91 applicants per graduate vacancy, which has increased over 17% increase vs. last year, meaning the competition for graduate roles has continued to rise. It more important than ever for you to have a CV that is unique and attracts attention from potential employers – so we have compiled 5 easy to follow tips to make your CV stand out:


* Include all the necessary components – contact information is essential and should be prominent, you will be surprised how many graduates forget to include their contact number or address! It is vital you also include a link to your LinkedIn profile, your key skills, education and most importantly work experience.


* Keep it short and sweet – Recruiters will spend no more than 5-10 seconds looking at your CV, it should only be a snapshot of your career and a springboard for further discussion. You should be concise, only highlighting the key information and limiting yourself to two pages.


* Tailor your CV for every application – Start by recognising the key skills and responsibilities on the job description, then aligning them with your experience and achievements. Not only will tailoring your CV enhance your suitability, but it’ll also demonstrate your interest in the role and company.


* Triple check for spelling mistakes – Hiring Managers and Recruiters receive a vast amount of CV’s and spelling mistakes are an easy way to whittle down applicants. A recent study found that 2 in 3 CV’s for job applications contain at least one spelling mistake!


* Highlight your key achievements outside of work – Don’t have much relevant work experience? Feature achievements like your involvement in sports teams or extra-curricular awards you have obtained to show you possess fundamental soft skills such as teamwork and leadership.


These are just some useful tips that can help elevate your CV, but if you’re looking for additional advice on how to develop you CV for different graduate opportunities, register today for a confidential conversation with one of our consultants. We’ll advise you on the best opportunities for your skills and talent, supporting you at every stage of the selection process from cover letter writing to interview guidance.