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1 in 3 UK employees are currently working their ‘dream job’!

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One in three UK workers feel they are currently in their 'dream' job, according to a survey commissioned by Raja Workplace. The survey also listed some benefits that respondents considered to be part of the perfect job, including a shorter workweek, £44,000 a year in salary and 29 days’ annual holiday.

Following the survey, around 72% prefer a tidy workspace, 71% agree how the office is organised effects their productivity and 36% say their workspace is an organized mess. According to research a well organised workplace is one of the most important things for 16% of employees.

There are a lot of different elements of an office that create a comfortable working environment for employees. According to RAJA UK’s survey the most important factors to consider when designing and organising your office space.

These are the top 5 things to expect from an office

­ - Comfy chairs

­ - Clean desks

­ - Soft lighting

­ - Free tea/coffee

­ - Good Storage

It’s no surprise that for 95% of employees agree that a good work culture is important when looking for their ‘dream job’. By creating an environment where colleagues can interact for work, but also in a friendly way makes the work environment more enjoyable for many. Around 57% say they prefer a mix of working collaboratively and individually and 53% believe friendly colleagues is one of the most important aspects of their workplace.

When it comes to job satisfaction, bosses and supervisors play a big role. Relationships with management are the top factor when it comes to employees enjoying their job. We wanted to understand what qualities people would look for in a boss.

The top 5 qualities that make a good boss are:

- Supportive

- Someone who treats all team members equally

- Expert/knowledgeable

- Someone who shows interest

- Good role model

With any job, the work benefits offered play an important role in job satisfaction. These benefits can often make job offers more attractive to potential employees, as well as ensuring current employees feel valued by the company. We asked employees what work benefits they would like the most.

Top 10 work benefits are:

­- Regular pay rises

­- Excellent pension

­- Bonuses for great work

­- Day off on your birthday

- Health/dental insurance

­- Chances to learn/ good training

­- Free tea/coffee

­ - Chances to advance

­ - Training opportunities

­ - Casual office wear


It is clear from the survey results there are multiple different factors that contribute to a ‘dream job’ from offering employees attractive benefits to ensuring they have a comfortable work environment where they can work productively with the right equipment, but also talk and interact with other colleagues.