Libby McCaughey
about 1 year ago by Libby McCaughey

Is it okay for men to wear shorts in the Office?

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Brian Gaze, a forecaster at Weather Outlook, predicted the hottest day of the year could arrive by Friday, June 11, as temperatures could reach 27C! We have heard and read some pretty gruesome stories about people working outside, in retail and even in offices where you’d think you’re safe from difficult working conditions… Maybe not? Almost 45% of offices don’t have air conditioning to help their employees cope with the overwhelming heat that us Brits simply aren’t used to!

In efforts to keep us cool, the Cherry team are chowing down on ice-lollies even a cooled office, and we’ve been thinking why is it still considered unprofessional for men to wear shorts to work, and what else you could be doing to help your employees keep cool?

Back in 2017, a group of schoolboys successful protested their academy’s anti-short policy by wearing skirts to class during a heatwave. Several similar protests have been made over the years, all focusing on comfort and fairness. 

As temperatures soar, it is proving challenging to find a professional outfit that will keep me cool and comfortable, and as a woman, a smart dress or skirt is the perfect option. However, the men who came to work in trousers this morning are now finishing the day in shorts, something we are grateful for in a flexible and casual office. But others aren’t as lucky, with many companies across the UK sharing an anti-shorts dress code.

In a nutshell, an outdated and archaic perception of men wearing shorts in formal seatings makes them look unprofessional and some even say it makes them look like children. This is leading them to say that they’re ‘drenched in sweat’ before they even reach the office!

In a world where equality is being sought after, why is there such an in-balance when it comes to summer workplace dress codes? While we all understand that short-shorts or even beach shorts are not the way to go, but if they were suitable and professional-looking why wouldn’t it be okay for men to wear shorts to work?

We want to know what you think, so please get in touch with your thoughts and opinions!