about 1 year ago by Melissa Kilday

Million Pound Mindset


​Yesterday our MD, Danielle Asano, appeared on Yvonne Gorman’s YouTube series, Tuesday Talk Show. The discussion was focused on building a successful business, overcoming challenges, what it takes to run a multi-million-pound company and how to hire the right people, the right way.

Yvonne is a Derby-based businesswoman who owns her own printing company, Essential Print Services. Yvonne hosts live discussions with entrepreneurs and business leaders on her YouTube channel ‘Tuesday Talk Show’, where she tackles current and topical issues creating content for like-minded, driven people. You can watch Danielle’s episode, and others like it, below!

One of the key themes throughout the conversation was mindset and how to overcome challenging times, which is very relevant now as many organisations are still piecing parts of their company back together following the impact of COVID 19. This can seem like a daunting task, especially when so many people are feeling exhausted and burnt out having tried their best to get through the last 12 months.

We asked Danielle what her number one tip would be to any business owner or manager reading this and she said “Network. Network with other leaders, owners, and managers - you will quickly realise that you are not alone. You can get extremely helpful insight and advice from other people who have been through what you are going through right now; it can save you time and money and will help you set and manage your own expectations. When you are experiencing difficult times it can be easy to just want to throw the towel in, but that will never lead to success. Sometimes as business owners we feel like we need to be the ones to fix all the issues but it’s important to have a network of people around you for support and guidance - whether that be within your organisation or externally.”

Growth was another key theme throughout the conversation. It is no secret that the last 12 months have been extremely challenging, apply the lessons you have learned and move forwards - it’s vital that we don’t spend too much time looking back and instead plan for the future and growth. If growth is one of your aims and if people are the backbone of your business, it is vital that you have an attraction and retention plan.

Danielle said “Retaining great people has always been a challenge especially as certain industries and sectors are becoming increasingly skill short. It’s important that you understand what your people value and accept that it’s not possible to have a “one size fits all” approach to retention and engagement anymore. Some employees value flexible working whilst others are purely driven by salary. Some employees stay because of the career opportunities whilst others look for a better pension. Many employers are embracing a “pick and mix” approach to benefit packages where employees can choose from a selection of benefits - I think this will be utilised more over the coming years as the market gets increasingly competitive, organisations will need to go above and beyond to attract and retain people.

Employee feedback is vital for engagement, ask questions, listen and work to create an open environment - whilst that may seem like a daunting task for some, it's a fantastic way to gauge your employee buy in. When you know where you stand in terms of engagement, satisfaction and how many of your team anticipate staying with you over the next 12 months you can begin to draft a plan on how to retain them or eventually replace them. Creating an open environment can help eliminate any surprises and also employees feel like they are heard and appreciated - which for some is a benefit in itself!

Attracting and hiring is becoming a challenge for clients again, just as it was pre COVID - application rates are on the decline, yet vacancies are on the rise which indicates that everyone is fighting for the same active candidates. My advice is to partner with a consultancy you trust to help you attract top talent in the market, work with someone who can help you stand out in the marketplace and position you as an employer of choice. Of course, as a recruitment business owner I would suggest this but it’s because I see day in, day out the people that we place with our clients and the successful careers they have and the impact they make on the teams they join. I know for some businesses recruitment companies may not be the way to go but you can still get advice and insight from an agency you trust.”

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