Libby McCaughey
over 1 year ago by Libby McCaughey

How to Integrate Teams Remotely

Virtual Meeting Team Building

As the nation gets back to some form of normality and more employees are returning from furlough, working from home is still the reality for many businesses. As teams are working remotely and are often not in the same location, how can employers make sure their staff continue to feel connected to each other and the company’s culture? 

Here are our top tips for making employees working remotely feel integrated into the culture of their company.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

We recommend using appropriate software to enhance your team’s communication and, hopefully, increase productivity. Whether someone is working from home or in the office the tools they use stay consistent. This in turn allows everyone to stay on the same page regardless of their work location and leads to improved team cohesion.

Make Time for “Face Time”

With employees split between working from home and being back in the office, to ensure that communication is still clear to all, the use of Skype/Zoom/FaceTime/Teams is critical  Clearly this is something that has been happening since the start of lockdown in most businesses and has been a god send in terms of visibility and communication. 

Establish Community Traditions 

Try to mix work-specific messages with lighter, friendlier communications, such as employee’s birthdays; this will help your employees to feel that they are valued for more than just their business output. 

Use a Chat Application as your “Communal Area”

It’s beneficial to have everyone on the team in a chat application, such as WhatsApp, whenever they’re “in the office”, wherever that may be. It’s not only a place to ask questions and bounce ideas around related to the business, but also, it’s a place for employees to build a rapport with each-other and share more casual conversations.

Keep up with Weekly Reports

It’s really important that managers are liaising with individuals in their teams on a daily / weekly basis to enable everyone to understand what is going on in the company and share ideas which will help the team to be more successful. 

Remote working is forming part of the new reality that we’re experiencing during the pandemic. As most businesses have demonstrated that thanks to technology, they have been able to work remotely with no harm to the business, it is likely to be a trend that is here to stay.