Libby McCaughey
over 1 year ago by Libby McCaughey

Dressing to Impress for an Interview

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After featuring on BBC Radio Derby, we caught up with our Lead Consultant Kerry Bilson to bring you the highlights from the interview. Kerry said “In a nutshell; ensure you prepare fully for your virtual interview. Ensue you’ve downloaded the necessary platforms (Microsoft Teams, Zoom etc) and do a few practice runs with friends or family members until you feel comfortable with the technology.

Dress appropriately - just like you would as if you were heading to a face to face interview! Not only is this a sign of respect for the role and the employers time, it also puts you in the right mindset for a professional interview and helps improve your confidence! If you feel confident in your clothes, you will naturally appear more confident in person.

Remember small talk is fine - when you are in a face to face interview, you have time to sit in the waiting area, look around, chat to the Receptionist and shake hands with your interviewer; a virtual interview means that you sadly skip that bit, but it is ok to acknowledge the weirdness! This is new for us all, so express that you haven't done this before and how strange it feels interviewing via a screen. Own the strangeness of the situation, you are only human!

Its key to prepare questions for the end of the interview to gage what you might be missing from not having that physical interaction. Ask what the company culture is like? What is the office atmosphere like? Would I be able to pop in to visit the office at some point? Do you have members of staff already returning?

All these questions are important to ask to ensure that not only do your skills match the role but your personality matches the company culture!”

We are so proud of Kerry for tackling her own nerves to offer advice and guidance to candidates who are struggling in these uncertain times and adapting to a “new normal”, to help calm their nerves.

You can listen to the full interview here on BBC Sounds.