Libby McCaughey
over 2 years ago by Libby McCaughey

Why Relationships Matter

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John Donne said it best, “no man is an island”. Just as no business can succeed without a sea of healthy relationships. Big budgets, the latest high-tech systems and competitive pricing are all fine but, the real secret to being in that 30% of new businesses that survive past 10 years is people – your employees, contacts and most importantly your customers. 

If you want to become more than “just another business” and transform into a brand that your clientele knows and trusts, you first have to develop a strong, lasting relationship with them. 

It costs around 5x more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. So, when it comes to making a purchase (in the case of recruitment a hire) customers / clients can be weary of a company they aren’t familiar with and do not trust. 

A close working relationship is crucial to earning customer/client trust, they will subsequently become more forgiving for minor faux pars and look past issues more easily – they know that you will address their concerns and resolve them to the best of your ability. 

A customer who is very satisfied with your service is almost 6x more likely to stay with you than one who its only just satisfied. It’s important to always adapt and identify what can be done to ensure  

Equally, it is important for your organisation to lose the faceless cold corporate persona and adopt a human face, one that customers can relate to and even come to love.  

You need customers to have an adoration for the people who represent your company, they will then automatically transfer that same adoration to the company. Having customer/client relationships that are a shared responsibility for your entire organisation will divide the task and multiply the success.

80% of companies believe that they provide superior customer service, however only 8% of the customers agreed. You want to strive for excellence but if your customer/clients don’t agree it’s a wasted effort. 

People are quick to express when they’re unhappy with a service, but they are also eager to refer friends and family members to a business they have trust and believe in. “Any friend of yours is a friend of mine” approach can help to create strategic partnerships and alliances can lead to both parties receiving valuable referrals. 

While it is inevitably important to foster positive relationships outside of the business, but it is also vital to mirror these relationships internally.  

Creating a company culture conducive to developing a strong sense of teamwork will increase moral, productivity and job satisfaction. It will enable you to attract and retain top talent that is currently so hard to come by.  

Your business is only as strong as its people and the relationships that support it. It’s important that core messages of your business are championed internally and externally to help create that human face which can be relatable.  

Relationship Led Recruitment is our mission here at Cherry Professional, we want to help candidates with their career not just jobs. We want to help clients find candidates whose skills and personality fit the company culture. And we want to empower everyone we work with to be successful and happy, which is why building lasting relationships are so important to us and why they should be for you too. 

As a company founded on building relationships, we asked our Managing Director, Danielle Asano what relationships in business meant to her. 

“As human beings the quality of our life is based on the quality of our relationships – both business and personal.  We are happiest when we feel valued, appreciated and connected to people.  Good working relationships equals a much happier life.  Having said that they don’t just happen overnight, we have to continuously work at them, building and reaffirming trust, and making an effort to understand each other though the ups and downs of business and life.  

Let’s face it nobody is perfect, and we will all eventually make a mistake or slip up at some point.  In these situations, it is the strength of relationships that determines the outcome and how we move forward in a positive way”.