Libby McCaughey
almost 3 years ago by Libby McCaughey

Why stand out like Alex at Glastonbury?

Dave Alex Thiago Silva Glastonbury 2019 1290 822

Making yourself stand out can be hard especially if you don’t have years of experience, unique knowledge or the desired skills yet. But have you heard about Alex?

Well, Alex is a 15-year-old rap enthusiast who attended last week’s Glastonbury Festival and when rapper Dave called “who is sober enough to sing these lyrics with me?” Alex saw his chance. The teen rattled through every single word of the complex, quickfire tune Thiago Silva without hesitation and to be honest he slightly upstaged Dave.                        

We thought this was an amazing example of how passion and personality can help you stand out from the crowd when applying for a role. So, what can Alex teach us?

Be Prepared.

As an avid Dave fan, Alex knew that it wasn’t uncommon for Dave to call a fan up to the stage to rap the AJ Tracy lyrics in Thiago Silva. We aren’t saying Alex woke up that morning prepared to be picked, but as a fan he knew the lyrics to the entire song like the back of his hand. He put on his TS shirt and pushed his way to the front in the hope of being close to the action… but little did he know, he became the action.

On the shoulders of his friend physically standing out from the crowd!

Whether you know there is a promotion up for grabs in your office, or you’ve just seen an advertisement for your dream job, proper preparation could give you that competitive edge. What are the company’s values? How can you imbed them into your interview or CV? It is the details that count, and they won’t go unnoticed!

Dress for the Job you want.

That is one of the most cliché things to say but in Alex’s case it could not have been more accurate.

I’m not saying Alex woke on Sunday thinking “I’m going to get on stage, absolutely smash it and go viral”, but he dressed and carried himself to be noticed.

The same goes for you. Make sure you look the part, and if you are well prepared, you’ll know what that is. Whether it’s formal suit and tie, smart casual or even fancy dress you’ll be ready!

Confidence is Key.

Most of us won’t be able to imagine just how nervous Alex was. Standing there, on a stage in front of THOUSANDS of people, at the BIGGEST field Festival in the world, rapping such a fast paced and complex song. But most impressively his confidence shone through. He acted and looked like he’d been preforming for years. Engaging with the audience, showing his passion and never stumbled over one word – a true professional.

Low self-esteem can be self-destructive but being confident and self-assured is key in setting yourself above the rest. It shows your belief in yourself and your talent.

Confidence should shine both inside and out. Start with your posture, keep your shoulders back and your chest high, a slouchy demeanor could read as insecure. Body language, eye contact, handshake to your smile, are all things that help to portray your inner confidence. Passion is hard to ignore!

Focus on the Now.

Alex “just focused on getting the performance right”, he never considered trying to turn his performance skills into a career.

Although it is important to set achievable goals and look towards the future, you’re not there yet. Similarly, focusing on where you are now and not where you have been is a lesson you can apply to your job hunt or progressing in your career. Too often we let our shot falls or rejections weigh us down. Don’t let yesterday’s problem hold you back!

So remember the 4 P’s to success, prepare, professional, passion and presentism.