Libby McCaughey
almost 3 years ago by Libby McCaughey

Stranger Things is Back! What can you Learn from the new season

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Stranger Things is back, and we cannot contain our excitement. The much anticipated third season of the hit Netflix sci-fi horror is everything you’d hope it to be and more! Some of the team will definitely be binge watching the entire season this weekend!

But why are we writing a blog about it? There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the 80s nostalgia show. We want to talk about team work is one of the main themes, and here is how Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will and Eleven demonstrate that they are the perfect team;

They communicate, focus on their goals, have equal contribution, support each other, they’re organised and most importantly they have fun. These 6 qualities help make up such a successful team and the fab 5 demonstrate them throughout all 3 seasons. 


Communication is essential within your team to increase work efficiency. Sharing thoughts, opinions and ideas will enable you to keep track of progress. Poor communication can lead to conflict, deterring from the end goal, potentially leaving work incomplete or incorrect! 

Goals and Results 

The fab 5 set team goals based on outcomes and results. It’s important to main focus on goals and results, it provides direction and an indication of performance levels! 

Equal Contribution 

When all members of a team contribute equally and understand their responsibilities projects will run smoother and improve employee wellbeing. Employees will feel a sense of belonging within the team, become more committed to their work and really care about the success of the company.


Team members should always be happy to assist others when they are struggling with work! Employee wellbeing will increase when team members offer support to one another, it also helps to improve productivity and success of the business. So, always ensure that your team has a supportive culture. 


Organisation is crucial in order for the day to day running of your business to be smooth. Without it the workplace can become chaotic and it is unlikely that set goals will be achieved! While each individual should be responsible for their own workload. Managers should always be aware of any problems and check everything is going to plan. Regular meetings can allow you to make sure that people are on track and that deadlines are being met. 

Have Fun!

When the Fab 5 aren’t being chased by crazed scientists or dog-like-aliens, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will and Eleven they enjoy themselves and have fun! The office shouldn’t be all work and no play, as that can lead to employees burning out and a decrease in productivity. Teams who work well together often socialise outside of the office. Building positive relationships between your colleagues can make the office a much more relaxed environment.                                                                                           

If a team can get these 6 factors right, success and reward will follow. It is not always the tasks that provided the challenges, it can sometimes be the teams relationships. If team members are able to work well together and be efficient, greatness can be achieved.