Melissa  Kilday
over 3 years ago by Melissa Kilday

The benefits of recruiting at Christmas

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As we approach Christmas, it’s possible that you will be thinking less about your recruitment needs and more about the Christmas party. After all, this is the time to be celebrating the team’s hard work and successes throughout the year. But before you place a hold on your recruitment, be aware that December is prime time for recruitment.

This sounds surprising as we know you may be thinking candidates are not available or not looking to change jobs at this time of year but this isn’t true. Many candidates start looking for their next challenge in December! So if you have a recruitment freeze for the holidays you could be missing out on the right talent to join your team! While you may be faced with more candidates on the market in January, you will also be faced with other businesses competing for the best candidates.

The current labour market is extremely skill short, therefore talented candidates have more choice than ever. Therefore, Christmas is a particularly good time to get ahead of the competition and snap up the current talent.

Some organisations experience a slight slow-down due to the holidays which means they have more time to focus on making the ideal job advert and sift through applications to find the perfect person. With fewer tasks and work pressures over the festive period, it also makes for an ideal time to start training new people as well as your existing employees.

Christmas is a great time to ease people into the team quicker than any other time of year! Why? Well because they get to see first-hand how the team not just work together but also play together; which in a study conducted this year, 71% of active talent said that the team was a critical factor in moving and staying with a new employer. So, why not use the ‘Christmas slowdown’ to your advantage and have the team ready to go in the New Year?

In recruitment, the 'Christmas slowdown' never really happens and that's partly because business in the east Midlands is booming if permanent recruitment isn’t what you need right now, temporary staffing could be. If like us, you have no such thing as a ‘slowdown’ you might find interim staff can help with any Christmas demands, cover holidays as well as add to any project work which has been put on hold for this time of year.